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Martin Scorsese MasterClass Review

Speed reading is your ticket to a range of techniques that help a student learn and retain information. The best speed reading courses help you learn and understand complex phrases. Speed reading classes train your brain for efficiency, accuracy, and comprehension.

A speed reading course trains your brain to read and decode information. The trick is to look at groups of words for comprehension, not just one word.  Speed reading courses work towards active engagement through fun reading exercises like skimming, chunking, and meta-guiding.

These courses are an excellent way to save time by reducing subvocalization. Students find themselves understanding every bit of information quickly with greater memory retention. Moreover, you will notice greater knowledge acquisition of complex reading materials.

Martin Scorsese MasterClass Review

Top 3 Picks for Speed Reading Courses in 2024

Super Reading Course (Mindvalley)Iris Speed Reading CourseBecome a SuperLearner® 2
📈 Suits best for:Suitable for individuals at various levels, including beginners and advanced learnersSelectable from speed reading foundation to advanced level with certificationSuits best for all levels who want to improve memory by training speed reading
🕒 Lenght:5.8 Hours1.5 – 12 Hours5 Hours
⏳ Platform:MindvalleyIris readingUdemy
🛍️ Level of difficulty:IntermediateBeginner to advancedEasy
💼 Instructor:Jim Kwik is described as the world’s #1 expert in brain speed reading and accelerated learningPaul Nowak – the Founder & CEO of IRIS, a renowned provider of speed reading and memory trainingJonathan Levi, Lev Goldentouch, and Anna Goldentouch: Experts in speed reading field
Certification:Certificate of completion
💵 Price:$29/Month$50-$300$84.99
🔄 Refund policy:Yes. 15 days risk-free.Yes.  Refunded within 30 days
🎁 Free trial:

No.Course NamePlatformBest for
1.Super Reading Course (Mindvalley)MindvalleyOveral best speed reading course
2.Iris Speed Reading CourseIrisFrom beginners to advanced 
3.Become a SuperLearner® 2UdemyBest for accelerated learning
4.Rev It Up Reading CourseRev It upBest for students looking to improve reading and memory for studying
5.Become a Reading MachineUdemyBest for advanced fast readers 
6.Legentas Online CourseLegentasMost self-paced reading course
7.EyeQ ReadingEyeQ readingScience based speed reading for kids and students
8.Berg LearningBerg LearningLearn from guinness record holder

Our Favorite: Super Reading Course (Mindvalley)

Mindvalley offers one of the best speed reading course called Super Reading to change your reading habits. The classes have three key objectives: Focus, Retention, and Application. Jim Kwik, the creator of this course, will only take 5.8 hours in 21 days he will build your speed reading foundations and scientifically enhance your comprehensive ability.

Our Evaluation

Total score: 9

Jim Kwik as an Instructor
Uniqueness and Freshness
Structure and Quality
Student Engagement and Retention
Value for the Money

Best Way to Learn Speed Reading: Techniques and Methods

Speed Reading courses contain different methods to improve your comprehensive power while reading text. Skimming is a process that trains your brain to quickly read text and identify the main idea behind it. 

Students can also rely on previewing graphs, images, and headings to get a sense of where a passage might go to focus on important sections later.

Chunking is a method to break text into smaller passages and comprehend them better. Instead of looking at one word, you use your peripheral vision expansion to understand an entire phrase quickly. 

Pacing is a part many speed reading programs to time the number of words you read within a given time frame. Coaches tend to adjust the pace of reading material depending on the complexity of the text. 

Get your hands on a visual anchor like a pen to run across the length of the text as you read. It helps students focus on the reading material without re-reading it. 

Detailed reading might sound time consuming, but it is a part of the process to enhance your reading skills. It allows you to understand the text, retain information, and set a foundation of the desired level of improvement.

Best Online Speed Reading Course Reviews

1. Super Reading Course by Jim Kwik at Mindvalley

Top Pick for Learning Speed Reading

There are 21 lessons spread across a 3-week period. Kwik works on your foundation for speed reading. He uses neurostimulation techniques like overcoming subvocalization, speed drills, and peripheral vision activation. Such methods are great to enhance reading speed by 4x. The course helps readers understand the blockages they encounter while reading. 

You will develop advanced comprehension habits by understanding brain breaks, reverse reading, and eye fixations. The curriculum includes engaging exercises, fun reading materials, speed drills, and video lectures to turn speed reading into a habit. Jim Kwik offers a free masterclass for the online course too.

💲Cost:$29/Month, $199/Year
⏱️Duration:5.8 Hours 
🛍️Total lessons:21 Lessons
🎁Free Trial:15 days 
🔄Refund Policy:
🚀Level of difficulty:Intermediate
🔍Best for:Appropriate for individuals at different proficiency levels, ranging from beginners to advanced learner
  • Supereading is an in-depth online course that enhances various aspects of learning;
  • It doubles your reading speed for a thriving professional life;
  • The course utilizes neurostimulation to boost your focus and concentration;
  • These techniques also improve memory retention and prevent re-reading text.


  • 21 well-curated lessons with new topics every day to increase your reading speed
  • Enhanced reading pace, comprehension, and memory retention
  • Guidance by an industry expert about speed reading and setting goals


  • Can be more exercise-based
  • Some course lessons are repetitive

About the Instructor

2. Iris Speed Reading Course

Best for Beginners to Advanced

Iris speed reading is an excellent course to enhance your speed reading qualities. The course covers the very basics of speed reading and moves on to complex speed reading techniques. There are timed tests, quizzes, and fun reading materials to engage students before the final review. Renowned instructors like Paul Nowak and others combine their expertise to construct courses to improve your memory and comprehension while reading.

⏱️Duration:90 minutes – 12 hours
🛍️Total lessons:32 lessons in one module. 3 modules based on your experience
Free Trial:
🔄Refund Policy:
🚀Level of difficulty:Intermediate/ Advanced
🔍Best for:Beginners, Intermediate learners, and professionals can choose the course to enhance their reading ability.


  • Comprehensive courses with the option to choose the course that fits your need.
  • In-person and online learning models
  • Offers lifetime access to the course you pick with all new updates
  • Free tricks to score well on tests like GME and GMAT


  • The courses might be costly for students
  • Not a one-size-fits all solution, you have to take different courses to advance

List of lessons & Instructors

3. Become a SuperLearner® 2 at Udemy 

Best for Accelerated Learning

People who want to hack the perfect tricks for reading, learning, and remembering information should take the course. The course focuses on all cognitive and neurological aspects that help you read faster. There are interesting reading materials, worksheets, and lectures for clarity and quick improvement.

⏱️Duration:5 hours
🛍️Total lessons:58 lectures
Free Trial:
🔄Refund Policy:
🚀Level of difficulty:Intermediate
🔍Best for:Ideal for individuals of all skill levels seeking to enhance memory through speed reading training.


  • Works on cognitive methods to support quick reading and learning
  • Interesting supplemental content from YouTube and TED
  • Memory retention techniques 
  • New ways to handle a flood of information


  • People should know the basics of English language
  • Requires extra motivation to practice for an additional 3 hours in a week.


Top instructors like Johanthan Levi work on these courses to turn people into ace readers within a couple of classes. The brilliant coach holds a BA in Sociology from UC Berkeley which enabled him to create courses loved by around 350,000 people in 205 different countries! Jonathan Levi introduced his own ecommerce products including these brilliant courses that work on your cognitive function to enhance your speed reading.

4. Rev It Up Reading Course

Best for Students

Rev It Up online speed reading course works on making you more confident, efficient, and quick reader. The course offers nine modules, each of 30 minutes to boost your neurostimulation for greater comprehension and reading. People can track their speed through 17 timed exercises and assessments. The best bit is you can ask the coach, Abby, any questions you have.  

⏱️Duration:5 hours
🛍️Total lessons:17 lessons
Free Trial:
🔄Refund Policy:
🎓Platform:Rev It Up
🚀Level of difficulty:Beginner to Intermediate
🔍Best for:from beginners to advanced readers
  • The online speed reading course improves reading speed in 7 days.
  • Learn to manage information by retaining key points.
  • Note-taking is crucial, aiding in identifying the text’s key points.


  • A chance to learn from America’s top reading coach;
  • Ask questions about anything and everything;
  • Fewer lessons and more information;
  • Free virtual speed reading masterclass for 45 minutes.


  • Slightly expensive;
  • Lack of in-person interaction.

About the Instructor

As a student, Abby Marks Beale never enjoyed reading. She finally decided to let her negative attitude go and got trained for traveling reading. She started coming up with smart reading methods to help others. Since then, Abby has worked with prominent names like NYU, Yale University, and Lego Systems as a speed reading coach.

5. Become a Reading Machine Masterclass

Best for Advanced Readers

If you want to speed read, you must review this course. The course will equip with with the skill to read 300 books in a year. It kills all reading myths, develops a reading ritual, and provides a proper reading framework. The video lectures and classes will surely improve your online speed reading.

⏱️Duration:4 hours
🛍️Total lessons:75
Free Trial:
🔄Refund Policy:
🚀Level of difficulty:High
🔍Best for:Advanced


  • Integrates all aspects of speed reading
  • Short and quick lessons to review text
  • Different speed reading methods for different books
  • Full lifetime access to the course


  • Requires extra 30 minutes of commitment daily
  • Many new learning and reading methods can get confusing

List of lessons & Instructors

Brandon Hakim is the founder of Insider school. Back in college, he used to struggle with reading. Fed up of his struggle he retorted to speed reading lessons and realized the crucial need of breaking old school reading habits. He decided to share this skill with people through online courses and techniques to help others develop good learning habits.

6. Legentas Online Course

Best for Interactive Experience

Many students believe Legentas is the best speed reading course online. It has 13 in-depth lessons to work on your reading speed through eye movements, reading techniques, and enhancing focus. Its unique dashboard is great to track progress which many other courses don’t offer. It aids learning online through fun activities.

💲Cost:$75 – $140
⏱️Duration:20 hours
🛍️Total lessons:13 lessons
Free Trial:
🔄Refund Policy:
🚀Level of difficulty:Intermediate
🔍Best for:Beginner friendly with interactive exercises
  • Increase reading speed from 200 wpm to 500 wpm
  • Quick reading by skimming
  • You will improve memory and reduce subvocalization


  • A detailed dashboard to track progress;
  • Fast reading of 500 wpm;
  • Feedback and learning advice throughout.


  • Slow progress on the dashboard might discourage beginner level students

About the Instructor

The Legentas team includes PhDr. Jana Krejčí. As a Faculty of Arts graduate of Charles University, she understands how to make reading methods fun for students. She works on the courses alongside the Legentas team to ensure each lesson is equipped with the right tools to help speed readers in every way.

7. EyeQ Reading

Best for Science Based Speed Reading

The eyeQ reading course contains 40 years of scientific research on improving fast reading. It helps you review text through engaging exercises and brain techniques that boost your cognition. It trains your brain to scan through the text through vision and reading therapy in lectures.

💲Cost:From 9 to 45$ 
⏱️Duration:90 days
🛍️Total lessons:30 lessons
Free Trial:
🔄Refund Policy:
🚀Level of difficulty:Intermediate
🔍Best for:The course contains several modules, so it’s suitable from kids (4 to 12 grades), students to seniors. 
  • The course utilizes your cognition to boost reading speed.
  • You’ll retain information better and read a minimum of 5000 words per minute.
  • Enhance your brain strength with this opportunity.


  • Contains scientific methods for speed reading;
  • Helps you prepare for other reading tests;
  • Detailed course material;
  • Enhances cognitive abilities.


  • List of instructors might not be available before enrolling;
  • Requires greater effort to change brain patterns.

About the Instructor

The instructors for EyeQ reading are chosen by Jeffery Flamm to ensure they are skilled enough to teach speed reading courses. All the coaches have experience in the educational sector and understand the intricacies of science to help change brain patterns. they work thoroughly to help students comprehend text quickly with 50% retention at least. 

8. Learn to Read Faster with World’s Fastest Reader

Best for Learning From the Best

The course uncovers secrets of the world’s fastest reader. You can double your reading speed and consume information quickly. The course content has a downloadable activity book and 10 lessons.

⏱️Duration:5 hours
🛍️Total lessons:10
Free Trial:
🔄Refund Policy:
🚀Level of difficulty:Beginners
🔍Best for:Students


  • Learn from the best
  • Only 10 lessons
  • Get student discounts
  • Sharpens your memory


  • A bit pricey
  • Might not be comprehensive as there are only 10 lessons

About the Instructor

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Udemy is one of the most popular online learning providers, with a massive choice of various classes. The learning platform covers a range of comedy film and creativity courses,


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Author: Bill Tremlon

Blogger | Life-long learner

Bill Tremlon