Is MasterClass Worth It?
Reviewing the Best Edutainment Platform of 2023

Last updated on: August 31, 2023, Written by:

Bill Tremlon

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Is MasterClass Really Worth It

MasterClass is often titled as the Netflix of online learning, and for a good reason. The video quality is outstanding, the design is user-friendly, MasterClass instructors are absolute superstars, and there’s just so much of everything. You’ll definitely get a binge-worthy learning experience.

MasterClass review landscape presents some confusion as reviewers are either overly hyped about the platform or criticizing it for not providing a sufficient education. Both views are wrong.

MasterClass does not aim to provide a college education, and it’s not even a MOOC in a traditional sense. MasterClass is edutainment – a combination of entertainment and online education.

When we look at the platform for what it is, we see that MasterClass brings a lot of value to its users. The real question is whether it’s the value YOU are looking for. Read my honest MasterClass review and find out.

Is MasterClass Really Worth It

Is MasterClass Actually Any Good?

The platform masterfully combines entertainment with gaining new skills from world-renowned experts. You won’t be disappointed by purchasing a MasterClass subscription, but don’t expect to get a formal education. MasterClass is a resource of 180+ courses to spend your evenings more productively, and it reaches this goal flawlessly.

MasterClass review

Reviewing MasterClass Highlights

⭐ Rating:9.5 ★★★★★
🎓 Class Variety:11 categories, from Food to Science & Tech
📈 Suits best for:Casual learners and beginners
🕒 Average course length:2 to 5 hours
⏳ Avg. Lesson Duration10 minutes
🛍️ Community & Interaction:Live lessons, newsletter
💼 Accessibility:Subtitles in 10+ languages, adjustable speed, audio-only lessons
📞 Customer Service:Phone, email, chat, chatbot
📃Accreditation (certificate):
🏫New Class release:Monthly
🧑‍🏫User Created Classes:
✏️Languages & Subtitles:English, subtitles in 10+ languages
🛒 Payment options:Individual / Duo / Family
💵 Price:10 – 20 $ (billed annually)
🔄 Refund policy:30-day satisfaction guarantee
🎁 Free trial:

2.Design & Style;
3.Arts & Entertainment;
6.Sports & Gaming;
8.Science & Tech;
9.Home & Lifestyle;
10.Community & Government;

Should I Get MasterClass Subscription?

With its high-quality video lessons, comprehensive class workbooks, and celebrity instructors, MasterClass offers something to everyone. Beginners will learn the basics from the world’s best while being entertained, and advanced learners get a push to continue at their own pace.

But a MasterClass subscription might seem expensive. You can find other online learning platforms with cheaper courses, as they don’t hire celebrity instructors. However, if you are just a casual learner interested in multiple subjects, choosing just the right class is difficult. That’s the problem MasterClass subscription solves.

MasterClass course library aims at beginners and casual learners who want to jump right into the learning material and get practical tips without worrying their instructor might be incompetent. If you are looking for something more akin to college classes, MasterClass isn’t for you. But even then, I recommend MasterClass as a replacement for binge-watching Netflix.

Our Evaluation

Total score: 9.5

Production & Class Quality
Quality of Instructors
Customer Service
Student Engagement and Retention
Relevance of Course Materials
Ease of Use
Value for the Money


  • Celebrity instructors
  • High-quality video lessons
  • Wide range of topics
  • User-friendly design
  • New classes every month
  • Affordable


  • Lacks community interaction (solved by MasterClass sessions)
  • No accreditation
  • Only subscription-based

What is MasterClass?

Since 2014 MasterClass collected some of the best expert-led online courses money can buy. Currently, MasterClass claims to have more than 180 classes, but I count at least 200.

MasterClass membership brings you the best instructors

If you add every supplementary class workbook, it can take years to go through MasterClass courses. And it’s not even accounting for new classes uploaded monthly.

The user experience of the MasterClass app and website resembles Netflix more than your college website. But don’t get fooled by it – you can learn a lot from MasterClass. It has everything from wellness courses and dog training to space exploration.

The course comes with a 54-page class guide. It includes lesson recaps, workout plans, supplemental materials, and Steph Curry MasterClass notes.

It’s hard to overstate the quality of video lessons in the MasterClass course library. The high production quality makes MasterClass an affordable alternative. If not to replace online learning platforms, then for improving your binge-watching habits.

An all-in-one learning llatform for MasterClass at work

But MasterClass has options for more traditional learning too. MasterClass live houses live streams with their experts. MasterClass Sessions give classroom-like assignments and feedback directly from tutors or trained teaching assistants.

The only real drawback of MasterClass is that you cannot purchase one course. You must commit to the annual subscription, but there are options to maximize the value (see our pricing section below).

Some reviewers also point out that the platform does not provide formal accreditations. But I think this criticism is a bit misplaced.

MasterClass targets casual learners who want to acquire new skills without the hassle of looking for reliable teachers online. Besides, getting accreditations after some video lectures on MasterClass is definitely easier.

MasterClass Review: Exploring the Learning Platform

Every MasterClass course includes 2 to 5+ hours of video lessons split into 20 classes on average. MasterClass instructors themselves design the courses. They also include a supplementary class guide that gives practical advice and allows you to follow along while solidifying your new skills.

Each course includes an introductory video lesson where the instructor outlines what you should expect to learn. But the structure isn’t set in stone, and I found you can proceed at your own pace or skip some lessons without losing much context.

Opening MasterClass Account

MasterClass homepage is pretty self-explanatory if you want to get course recommendations. However, the actual checkout process starts under the “view plans” tab.

Paying for MasterClass classes

There are three MasterClass membership plans – Individual, Duo, and Family. The Family plan gets you the best value, but I found taking Duo and splitting the bill with my spouse to be the cheapest for me.

Once you choose a plan, a pop-up will ask you for an email address or a social media account. Then you will need to enter your payment card details. All the popular providers – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted. There is also an option of using PayPal.

Once you press the “Place Secure Order” button, the annual price will be charged. In a MasterClass review, it’s frequently overlooked that users can become frustrated when the price doesn’t align with their expectations. So keep it in mind – the price charged is annual.

Finding the best courses

I must admit that I spent a good half an hour browsing courses the first time I got a MasterClass account. There are so many MasterClass courses you can choose from, and every one of them looks better than the rest. It can get overwhelming.

Perhaps that’s why MasterClass offers a helpful quiz and asks you to choose your preferences just after signing up. After you watch some video lessons or add them to your favorites, the MasterClass algorithm will suggest new relevant classes.

The search function is also worth your time, as the algorithms are not always accurate, and you can find some hidden gems. I recommend playing around with filters, for example, duration, to find what you want for a particular occasion.

There are also various playlists that pair video lessons of different instructors and provide the best advice from a certain expert to dive into. It’s a great way to find new courses, although you will get the most value if you choose one course and then stick to it till the end. There’s no need to “enroll” in a course, so starting courses is very easy.

What’s The Best Way To Watch MasterClass?

The MasterClass experience is available on all usual formats, but I prefer using the TV while at home and then switching to an app on my commute. However, you need to know how to access MasterClass videos at your best convenience.

Watching MasterClass On Apple TV

If you have a 4th or newer-generation Apple TV, you can watch MasterClass on it. Simply download the MasterClass app and then log in to your MasterClass account by scanning the QR code on the screen.

Watching MasterClass on a TV

It’s easiest to watch Masterclass on TVs with integrated Android TV. You just find the MasterClass app on Google Play Store and log in to your account. You can also stream MasterClass on Comcast, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, as they also have the app in their stores.

Unfortunately, there is no MasterClass app for other TV systems, such as the TizenOS of my Samsung. But I was still able to stream MasterClass with Apple AirPlay. The only other options are buying a TV stick or connecting an HDMI cable from a laptop.

MasterClass support team on watching MasterClass on TV

MasterClass app

The MasterClass app is available for both Android and Apple smartphones. The app is pretty straightforward, and I find it more user-friendly than the website.

It has an audio mode, which allows you to listen to MasterClass videos as if they were podcasts. Another great feature is the floating window that can stay on top while you do anything else on your phone.

MasterClass Features Review

Video Lessons

Online classes are impossible without video lessons, and that’s where MasterClass excels at. They provide everything you might need – exceptional quality, easy forwarding, rewinding, speeding up or slowing down.

MasterClass video lectures include subtitles

Although there is no 4K, the HD versions support 1080p and 720p, which is more than enough for video lectures. Most videos have around ten subtitles in major languages. Only a few classes don’t support offline viewing, but I found that these ones are quite short so it’s barely an inconvenience.

My Notes & Workbook

My Notes feature makes it convenient to make notes on MasterClass classes. The Notes are divided into sections according to relevant lessons. You can later access all the notes from the My Progress tab or the Instructor Page. Although I haven’t used it much (I like my physical notebook more), it shows how much thought went into the MasterClass platform.

Making notes on MasterClass videos

What you can’t skip is the class workbooks. Every class workbook is downloadable for you to keep. Instructors themselves made most of them for students to follow along with the lessons. They include further explanations, homework assignments, and various recommendations. The class guides are as valuable as the lessons if spend enough time on them.

Workbooks Included in MasterClass

Discover Tab

The Discover Tab is where I found the first MasterClass course I reviewed. It’s accessible from the MasterClass homepage after clicking on All Categories. It provides a short quiz asking about your learning goals and how much time you want to spend learning. After that, it recommends courses that align with your answers.

MasterClass Discover tab - provides quiz-based recommended courses

Library Tab

The Library Tab is where you can find all the courses by using the search function. It not only allows you to browse all the eleven categories of MasterClass courses, but you can also find courses by instructors, descriptions, and topics.

MasterClass course library

The filters enable you to sort by duration and format, including the playlist library, and see your own content. It could be a bit better by allowing you to search the contents of the courses and workbooks, but it still does its job well.

My Progress Tab

My Progress tab is where your notes, completed courses, and bookmarked lessons appear automatically. I also found the continue watching section particularly helpful as I’m guilty of starting many different video lessons and returning to them only later.

MasterClass experience progress tab that provides notes and completed courses

Daily moments

This MasterClass feature is available only on the mobile app, and understandably so. It helps users to get the best out of their scrolling habits. Daily moments resemble TikTok or Instagram’s reels, where you can get carried away by watching short video snippets.

MasterClass offers daily moments of short course snippets on its mobile app

However, with a MasterClass subscription, you get an endless stream of inspiring and practical advice from the world’s most renowned experts. I must admit that my usual feed on social media started to look a bit too shallow after a few hours per week on Daily Moments. It’s an unexpected benefit of the MasterClass platform.


The playlist library is accessible through the My Library tab or the main MasterClass dashboard. It collects the best video lessons from a common category or highlights from one teacher. The short videos, or sometimes whole lessons, are carefully selected to complement each other.

Stream MasterClass playlists featuring the best video lessons from a shared category

I particularly enjoyed the playlists on culinary arts. For example, the on pasta collects the best advice from Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, and Gordon Ramsay. It takes only a bit more than 20 minutes to get the essential information and start to make your own pasta.

MasterClass Live

In one MasterClass review, there’s an incorrect criticism of the platform for lacking sufficient interaction with the instructors themselves. Anyone who is following them on social media knows it provides MasterClass Live.

Experience MasterClass Live sessions with instructors, where you can even ask your own questions

It’s a collection of past live streams by the instructors where you can even ask your own questions. The platform also informs users of when a new live stream will take place. Unfortunately, there weren’t any MasterClass live sessions lately as the platform now focuses on MasterClass Sessions.

MasterClass Sessions

MasterClass community features used to be different. Some selected courses had a dedicated forum where students discussed the course materials. I presume MasterClass removed them because forums had a lot of content, and it was hard to moderate the community without a structured curriculum for exercises.

MasterClass membership includes Sessions

That’s exactly what MasterClass sessions aim to improve. Now the discussions follow a structured curriculum and tasks that students get from the teacher. You also get feedback not only from other students but from trained teaching assistants as well.

MasterClass sessions

However, MasterClass Sessions seems to still be in development as there is no separate tab for it (the best way to access it is through the Library Tab), and there are only 13 courses as of now. I can’t wait till Sessions will include more courses.

MasterClass Course Review: Exploring The Content

MasterClass membership comes with so many courses that browsing through them is an activity in itself. Actually, that’s the main reason why I love MasterClass and decided to make it the first online learning platform I review on my blog.

MasterClass has 11 categories covering everything from leadership and writing classes to interior design and even a course where Emily Morse Teaches Sex. Some categories have less content than others. For example, the home & Lifestyle category has only 4 courses, while writing has 20 and Arts & Entertainment has 35.

That’s perhaps because Lifestyle topics supplement others, such as Community & Government, Wellness, or Design & Style. All the categories seem to work together quite well.

These categories also include MasterClass original series, such as The Power of Empathy and Mastering The Markets. They feature multiple expert instructors, and new episodes appear constantly.

Most other courses are around two hours, but there are some notable exceptions where video lessons take more than 6 or even 8 hours.

Of course, the videos are only a part of the course. If you account for the class workbook, every MasterClass course takes at least a week to complete with the assignments.

What Classes Can I Find On MasterClass?

Food & Cooking Content and Structure Review

Although the food category doesn’t have the most courses (I count 23), it is the most applicable. You can learn everything from essential knife skills to making French cuisine and wine tasting. Unlike many free courses online, it doesn’t promote any fancy gear, and I could follow along with most recipes.

Food and cooking classes on MasterClass

My Recommendations:

  • Head chef Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass for beginners and intermediates chefs | Runtime: 4 hours 49 minutes | Average lesson length: 15 minutes
  • Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques | Runtime: 6 hours 6 minutes | Average lesson length: 15 minutes
  • Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-style BBQ | Runtime: 4 hours 36 minutes | Average lesson length: 20 minutes
  • Alice Waters Teaches The Art of Home Cooking | Runtime: 3 hours 47 minutes | Average lesson length: 15 minutes

Is MasterClass Worth It for Taking Cooking Classes?

Definitely! Although, I must admit that cooking courses weren’t my initial priority when buying the annual membership of MasterClass. But I was hooked after following a few recipes from the workbook. Cooking courses on MasterClass motivate beginners and aspiring cooks, while professionals will be intrigued by the personal stories of the instructors.

Design & Style Content and Structure Review

This MasterClass category includes 15 courses ranging from architecture and interior design to makeup and modeling fundamentals. The design & Style courses aren’t accidentally selected. All the classes supplement each other in one theme – making the world more beautiful. The best place to start is with yourself.

My Recommendations:

  • Interior stylist Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass for finding inspiration | Runtime: 2 hours 13 minutes | Average lesson length: 8 minutes
  • Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty | Runtime: 4 hours 49 minutes | Average lesson length: 10 minutes

Is MasterClass Worth it for Designers?

The design courses on MasterClass are a bit short on hard skills. However, if you couple them with other courses on business and art, it becomes an entertaining entry point to a new career. It’s best for fresh interior or graphic designers who want to get their feet wet and are considering some more formal education.

Arts & Entertainment Content and Structure Review

Arts & Entertainment MasterClass category packs the most content, with 35 courses and counting. You can learn about filmmaking, photography, music, journalism, painting, magic tricks, and more. It’s the most fun category, and I found myself binge-watching courses from here as an alternative to Netflix. But the courses are also quite in-depth.

My Recommendations:

  • Steve Martin Teaches Comedy | Runtime: 4 hours 40 minutes | Average lesson length: 11 minutes
  • Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking |Runtime: 4 hours 35 minutes | Average lesson length: 9 minutes
  • Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography |Runtime: 3 hours 4 minutes | Average lesson length: 12 minutes
  • Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting |Runtime: 4 hours 59 minutes | Average lesson length: 15 minutes
  • Penn & Teller Teach the Art of Magic |Runtime: 2 hours 53 minutes | Average lesson length: 10 minutes

Is MasterClass worth it for Artists?

Aspiring artists? Definitely. The personal stories of great artists are very inspiring and can put you on the right track. However, if you are already well advanced in your niche, you’ll lack some concrete insights into their know-how. Then again, I don’t think it’s fair to expect much more from an online learning platform.

Music Content and Structure Review

The music category includes 31 courses with many legendary teachers. The MasterClass instructors teach you songwriting, producing, singing, performing, playing various instruments, understanding different genres, or simply being a band. You are sure to learn what it takes to be a great musician.

My Recommendations:

  • Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing | Runtime: 2 hours 13 minutes | Average lesson length: 8 minutes
  • Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking | Runtime: 3 hours and 2 minutes | Average lesson length: 12 minutes
  • Tom Morello Teaches Electric Guitar | Runtime: 5 hours 34 minutes | Average lesson length: 12 minutes
  • Mariah Carey Teaches the Voice as an Instrument | Runtime: 1 hour 44 minutes | Average lesson length: 11 minutes
  • Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring | Runtime: 5 hours and 40 minutes | Average lesson length: 13 minutes
  • Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production | Runtime: 6 Hours| Average lesson length: 15 minutes

Is MasterClass worth it for musicians?

As with artists in general, it takes years of practice to reach some sort of expertise in music. MasterClass music courses are made to help kick-start your journey. These courses are best for those who are just starting or struggle with motivation to continue practicing on their own.

Business Content and Structure Review

With 23 original business courses, MasterClass has firmly put itself in the field of professional development. You can get actionable insights not only from CEOs and other noted experts, but also from FBI agents and sports figures. Somewhat unexpectedly, the courses supplement one another quite well.

My Recommendations:

  • Esther Perel Teaches Relational Intelligence | Runtime: 3 hours 6 minutes | Average lesson length:15 minutes
  • Kris Jenner On The Power of Personal Branding | Runtime:2 hours 33 minutes | Average lesson length: 11 minutes
  • Former FBI negotiator Chris Voss course for learning negotiation principles | Runtime: 3 hours 4 minutes | Average lesson length: 10 minutes
  • Mellody Hobson Teaches Strategic Decision-Making | Runtime: 1 hour 38 minutes | Average lesson length: 10 minutes
  • Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership | Runtime: 2 hours 11 minutes | Average lesson length: 12 Minutes
  • Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership | Runtime: 2 hours 36 minutes | Average lesson length: 12 minutes

Is MasterClass good for Professional Skills?

The MasterClass platform focuses more on soft skills, and while this might be a drawback in some other categories, business courses are definitely benefiting from this approach. The instructors are extremely informative and knowledgeable in their fields. Their advice converts to business practices effortlessly.

Sports & Gaming Content and Structure Review

Sports & Gaming MasterClass classes are divided into 15 courses, but the variety it provides with them is exceptional. You can learn from celebrity instructors in tennis, basketball, chess, poker, game design, and more. I found it to be a great supplement to other categories, especially business.

My Recommendations:

  • Basketball stars Steph Curry’s MasterClass on becoming a better ball handler | Runtime: 3 hours 41 minutes | Average lesson length: 13 minutes
  • F1 Chempion Lewis Hamilton lesson on pursuing your passion | Runtime: 2 hours and 12 minutes| Average lesson length: 10 minutes
  • Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess | Runtime: 7 hours 20 minutes | Average lesson length: 15 minutes
  • Serena Williams Teaches Tennis | Runtime: 2 hours | Average lesson length: 11 minutes
  • Phil Ivey Teaches Poker Strategy | Runtime: 3 hours 30 minutes | Average lesson length: 20 minutes
  • Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker | Runtime: 7 hours and 40 minutes | Average lesson length: 12 minutes

Is MasterClass any good for learning from athletes?

There’s an incredible amount of new skills you can learn from successful athletes. With the exception of poker and chess, MasterClass won’t teach you hard skills in rock climbing or tennis if you don’t know the basics already. However, you can learn a lot about going forward with your goals.

Writing Content and Structure Review

There are 20 writing classes on MasterClass, and that’s without songwriting, journalism, and screenwriting classes that fall into other categories. The category covers everything from poetry and fiction to drama and non-fiction. This category has the most replay value, but I might be biased as I’m somewhat of a writer myself.

My Recommendations:

  • Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art Of Storytelling | Runtime: 4 hours 49 minutes | Average lesson length: 15 minutes
  • Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing | Runtime: 4 hours and 54 minutes | Average lesson length: 14 minutes

Is MasterClass Worth it for Writers?

The writing courses in MasterClass cover a variety of topics and supplement each other well. Most classes aim to motivate aspiring writers and help develop creative skills. They go into detail on how the instructors came up with their stories and how they dealt with writer’s block. But only some writing classes gave more technical advice.

Science & Tech Content and Structure Review

This MasterClass category does have only 6 courses, but MasterClass still manages to provide more than 20 hours of video content by legendary instructors. The courses supplement one another well, with many covering topics of critical thinking and ecology.

My Recommendations:

  • John Douglas teaches How to Think Like an FBI Profiler | Runtime: 2 hours 54 minutes | Average lesson length: 12 minutes
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication | Runtime: 2 hours 14 minutes | Average lesson length:10 minutes
  • Bill Nye Teaches Science and Problem-Solving | Runtime: 2 hours and 44 minutes | Average lesson length: 14 minutes

Are MasterClass Classes Worth it for Science Education?

If there is a topic that we all need to learn more about, it’s science. MasterClass courses in this category aren’t comparable to college classes, but they can certainly prepare and motivate you to continue learning more about their topics. This category justifies a MasterClass subscription for anyone who has a curious mind.

Home & Lifestyle Content and Structure Review

Home & Lifestyle is the shortest MasterClass category both in terms of video content length and the number of courses. But it’s also the newest category, and three out of four courses come with practical lessons in MasterClass Sessions.

My Recommendations:

  • Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training | Runtime: 2 hours 58 minutes | Average lesson length: 13 minutes

Is MasterClass good for Practical Tips?

All other categories and many other online learning resources pale in comparison to what MasterClass offers in Home & Lifestyle courses. It doesn’t have much quantity, but it will greatly improve your life if you’ll follow the exercises honestly.

Community & Government Content and Structure Review

With 15 courses from presidents, activists, and experts, this category untangles the problematic aspects of how our governments and societies work. I have nothing to do with public service, but it quickly became clear that my duty as a citizen is to be informed on the topics discussed here.

My Recommendations:

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton Teaches The Power of Resilience | Runtime: 3 hours 23 minutes | Average lesson length: 13 minutes

Is MasterClass Good at Covering Political Issues?

While the knowledge in this section might not seem to be directly applicable to your daily life, it is clear that the issues are important. And what could be better than learning from former presidents of the USA and experts in related fields? I think MasterClass nails this category, even if it is just a curiosity of mine.

Wellness Content and Structure Review

Wellness is a sensitive topic, as bad advice can not just be ineffective but also harm you. That’s why I think MasterClass took a good decision by having only 9 courses in this category and focusing on quality instead. You can find courses on surviving in the wild, eating responsibly, sleeping, calming your mind, and more.

My Recommendations:

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn Teaches Mindfulness |Runtime: 6 hours 31 minutes | Average lesson length: 20 minutes

Is MasterClass Good at Improving your Wellness?

There are a lot of online courses on wellness topics, but the quality does not mean that they are all worth your time. While the nine wellness courses in MasterClass haven’t been life-changing to me, they certainly have improved my daily life. They are definitely worth a try.

Quick List of the Best MasterClass Courses

Many best lists of MasterClass courses rely on various statistics, and the platform itself promotes courses with the best student retention. While all this data is really interesting, I don’t think it bears much value to casual students.

The thing is, MasterClass has so much to offer that if you are a casual learner like me, you will find something that will grab your attention anyways. Engagement statistics have nothing to do with my ratings and even go against the trends. It’s best to take a sneak peek into all the classes yourself.

9.8Christina Aguilera Teaches SingingMusic
9.8Chris Voss Teaches The Art of NegotiationBusiness
9.6Gordon Ramsay Teaches CookingFood
9.6Neil Degrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and CommunicationScience & Tech
9.6James Suckling Teaches Wine AppreciationFood
9.5Martin Scorsese Teaches FilmmakingArts & Entertainment
9.4Phil Ivey Teaches Poker StrategySports & Gaming
9.4Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art Of StorytellingWriting
9.4Steve Martin Teaches ComedyArts & Entertainment
9.4John Douglas teaches How to Think Like an FBI ProfilerScience & Tech
9.3Hillary Clinton Teaches The Power Of ResilienceCommunity & Government
9.2Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior DesignArts & Entertainment
9.2Jon Kabat-Zinn Teaches Mindfulness and MeditationWellness
9.2deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music ProductionMusic
9Garry Kasparov teaches ChessSports & Gaming
8.8Brandon McMillanHome & Lifestyle
8.8Malcolm Gladwell teaches writingWriting

How Much Does MasterClass Cost?

In its eight-year lifespan, the pricing of MasterClass subscription shifted from a cost per course to a simple annual membership to a three-tire plan for one, two, and six devices.

Formerly, these plans were called standard, plus, and premium, but every MasterClass subscription was converted with no loss in user experience.

Unsurprisingly, there’s some confusion in the online learning community on how much MasterClass cost and what features you get. But I think the change is for the better, with the pricing of Masterclass now resembling Netflix more than online learning platforms.

MasterClass cost table


The individual plan is the most obvious choice if you will participate in MasterClass classes alone. Although the plan is limited to one device, it doesn’t mean you can’t view video lessons from different devices at different times.

I was able to start classes on my TV and then switch to the app while commuting. $120 isn’t that much either when you complete at least a couple of online courses per month. Then one course costs around $5, which is a bargain.

The only real drawback of the individual MasterClass subscription is that you cannot download content for offline viewing. Connection problems during my commute led me to convince my spouse to get Duo.


The duo plan is for couples, roommates, or close friends. It includes everything the usual MasterClass subscription does but allows unlimited access to two devices concurrently. It’s cheaper than the individual plan since you will likely split the $180 annual membership fee.

In addition, you can download video lessons for offline viewing, which saved me even more money on mobile data.


The family MasterClass subscription is for a larger group of online learning enthusiasts who want to access video lessons from up to six different devices concurrently.

This plan costs $240 annually, but if you split the price, it’s barely $40 for an annual subscription (or a little more than $3 per month).

I haven’t found any location restrictions for such sharing, so it might not be hard to find roommates, friends, or family members who want to watch MasterClass classes.

However, proceed with your own caution as the terms and conditions aren’t quite clear about this. Still, MasterClass is way easier on this than streaming services, so you are unlikely to lose your unlimited access.

Masterclass at Work Review

If you are a representative of an organization that wants new professional skills for their workforce, consider Masterclass at Work. It allows purchasing MasterClass subscriptions for cheaper in bulk. All you need is to fill out the below form and wait for the MasterClass team to contact you.

MasterClass at work an online learning platform for buisnesses

MasterClass Discounts Review

MasterClass provides the best deals for annual subscriptions after your first year ends. Then you can renew your MasterClass account for almost half the price. Chances are you will still have plenty of MasterClass courses untouched after a year, so this is a great deal.

Another option is to look for two-for-one-price deals, which happen most frequently during usual sale occasions – Christmas, Black Friday, mothers Day, and at the start of the school year in September.

MasterClass Guest Pass Review

Instead of a conventional free trial, MasterClass offers guest passes. They give your friends free access to all the 180+ courses for 14 days.

Every user gets three guest passes at a time, but they are constantly renewed. Honestly, I lost track of how many friends I invited to this online learning platform.

However, one drawback of guest passes is that your friend needs to enter his payment card details to access MasterClass. No amount is charged initially, but after 14 days, you must cancel the payments.

But guest passes are still a great bargain. If we add the 30-day money-back guarantee, your friends get a 44-day window to try the platform without paying anything.

Gift a Membership

If video lessons with celebrity instructors on topics of interest aren’t a thoughtful gift, I don’t know what is. MasterClass gift works just like purchasing the usual MasterClass membership, only that you need to provide your friend’s email address and insert a gift message.

If your friend doesn’t claim the gift, the 30-day money-back guarantee applies, and the MasterClass team will refund you the full amount.

Give the gift of a MasterClass membership

What Platform to Choose?

MasterClass vs Skillshare

I found Skillshare to be best for freelance creatives who want to get some practically applicable skills. Categories include music, drawing, digital illustration, filming, design, photography, and others. Sure, you can get some of that on MasterClass, but their celebrity tutors are better at motivating and painting a larger picture than giving hard skills.

  • Certification: ❌
  • Free trial: ✅
  • Price range: $13.75 (or $165 billed annually) – $22.40 per month
  • Course count: 30000+

MasterClass vs Udemy

Udemy is the largest online learning platform, with thousands of courses taught by experts and self-taught enthusiasts. Unlike in MasterClass, you’ll have to invest time to look for the best courses and avoid some instructors. but you can find plenty of hidden gems for a fraction of the price you would spend on MasterClass.

  • Certification: ❌
  • Free trial: ✅
  • Price range: $9.99 – $360
  • Course count: 210,000+

MasterClass vs Coursera

Coursera is famous for partnering with prestigious universities and big brands to provide affordable online education. Many of its classes are worthwhile for the great detail they get into. The traditional learning style of Coursera is way less immersive and entertaining compared to MasterClass.

  • Certification: ✅
  • Free trial: ✅
  • Price range: $9.99 – $399
  • Course count: 7000+

Masterclass vs CreativeLive

As the name suggests, CreativeLive is another online learning platform best suited for creatives. Its courses are made to be applicable, with some even made for specific tools. While MasterClass will inspire you to start focusing on some field, CreativeLive will help you to land your first job there.

  • Certification: ❌
  • Free trial: ✅
  • Price range: $9.99 – $399
  • Course count: 7000+

Masterclass vs LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a supplement to networking social media, giving you an edge when looking for the next job. All the courses are practice-heavy, so you will definitely have something to add to your CV. Unlike MasterClass, it’s not for those who want some edutainment. You must already have a clearly defined study goal.

  • LinkedIn Learning is a supplement to networking social media, giving you an edge when looking for the next job. All the courses are practice-heavy, so you will definitely have something to add to your CV. Unlike MasterClass, it’s not for those who want some edutainment. You must already have a clearly defined study goal.
  • Certification:✅
  • Free trial: ✅
  • Price range: $24.99 per month to $39.99
  • Course count: 21000+

MasterClass Reviews by Customers

In a typical MasterClass review from a customer, the focus is on the positive aspects, emphasizing the excellent value for money the platform provides. Here’s one review from the Apple app store that claims you cannot really put a price tag on the knowledge provided in MasterClass. I agree.

MasterClass review verdict on the Apple App Store

Of course, some are struggling with the MasterClass app, but even they can’t deny that the content is phenomenal. I think this user had some problems with his device, as I haven’t noticed any such problems.

MasterClass reviews on Google App Store

Although there aren’t many reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, you can get an idea of the issues customers face. They struggle to understand the pricing, refund policy, and canceling MasterCalass subscriptions. Luckily, the MasterClass support team is there to help.

So, Is MasterClass Worth It?

There’s a lot more to say about what MasterClass offers to its users. But the key takeaway is that the platform masterfully combines Netflix-like entertainment with the possibility to learn new skills from celebrity instructors.

Getting a MasterClass subscription for a year or two is totally worth it, but don’t believe anyone who says you can get a formal level education here. The platform is best for those who love to get motivated and want to learn something instead of brainlessly binge-watching TV.

The affordable price (on par with Netflix) and the convenience for casual learners makes MasterClass a great tool to improve how you spend your free time. I know it because it definitely improved my evenings.

Q&A About MasterClass

Yes. MasterClass membership is one of the best purchases you can make to spark your interest in a topic. Whether it’s dog training, space exploration, cooking, writing a novel, playing poker, or starting a business. MasterClass triumphs at providing a short introduction with an expert instructor while keeping things engaging.

A ‘masterclass’ is a class (usually of dance or music) given by an expert instructor to highly talented students. Nowadays, masterclasses are available to anyone via the internet, and the most common place to find them is a platform by the same name – MasterClass.

Yes! The Family plan is created exactly for this purpose. It allows up to six devices to watch video lessons concurrently. The annual membership costs $240, or only a bit more than $3 per month to one person if you split the bill.

Yes! MasterClass Sessions brings a whole new format to MasterClass, but you don’t need a different subscription or to pay anything additionally. The feedback from teaching assistants and the structured curriculum of Sessions come with the regular subscription plans.

The cancelation of a MasterClass subscription is simple. You only need to log in to your account through the MasterClass website, go to settings, find the ‘membership’ page and click on the button “cancel the subscription.” If you purchased MasterClass through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you should Manage your subscription from the respective app stores on your phone.

Author: Bill Tremlon

Blogger | Life-long learner

Bill Tremlon

I’ve spent the last ten years passionately studying various online learning platforms. Udemy, MasterClass, Coursera, and Skillshare are the main ones, but I review lesser-known study tools as well. I test and analyze each course and lesson thoroughly before sharing my research.



MasterClass: Empowering, educational choice worth making.

Author: Bill Tremlon

Blogger | Life-long learner

Bill Tremlon