Wondrium vs MasterClass:
Which One Is Right for You?

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Bill Tremlon

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In today’s world, learning new skills is easier than ever. Thanks to e-learning platforms like MasterClass and Wondrium, you can learn from the best in the world, from the comfort of your own home. But which of these two platforms is the better fit for you?

In this MasterClass vs Wondrium comparison, we will take a look at the features and offerings of both MasterClass and Wondrium to help you decide which one is the better fit for your needs.

We will cover topics such as the courses offered, cost, and the user experience on each platform. We will also provide our own recommendations based on our own experiences with both platforms. Read on for an in-depth MasterClass vs. Wondrium review.

MasterClass vs Wondrium: Side By Side Comparison

💸Price:$180/year or $10/month for individual, $20/month for family$20 per month with monthly billing. $45 per quarter (equivalent to $15 per month) with quarterly billing
🎁Free Trial:
📚No. of Lessons:180+ lessons7,000+
📖Content Coverage:Creative/hobbyist skills from cooking, photography, and writing to music, sports, design, acting, film, fashion, and moreKnowledge arts including science, math, economics, literature, language, history, religion, philosophy, fine arts, and more
⏳Avg. Lesson Duration:10-20 minutes15-30 minutes
✒️Instructors:World-renowned experts in their fieldsEstablished professionals
📈Suits Best For:Open-minded, intellectually curious, and fans of teachers on MasterClassLifelong learners interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in various fields
💼Complementary materialDownloadable class resources such as coursebooks, reading lists, playlists, recipes, and moreCoursebooks, suggested readings, and practice materials
🔬Features:Celebrity instructors, an app for iOS and Android, community learning, high production value, offline viewing, and moreEngaging audio and video lectures, digital guidebooks, quarterly magazines, and more
💬Available LanguagesEnglish audio with subtitlesEnglish
🛒Payment options:Single, Duo, or Family annual subscriptionsBoth annual and monthly subscription options available
🔄Refund police:30-day money back guarantee14 days refund
✅Pros:High-quality courses, world-renowned instructors, and TV-quality production valuesWide range of courses, interactive activities, and a library of documentaries and films
❌Cons:No certificationCan be slow at times, and some courses are not as high-quality as others

MasterClass vs Wondrium: Main Differences

Amount of Content

Content Coverage


Community Section

Membership Plans

About MasterClass

MasterClass is a leading e-learning platform that separates itself from others with courses from world-renowned experts. However, one of the most unique aspects of MasterClass is it caters to learners of all levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced learner, you’ll leave each course with something valuable to take.

MasterClass offers quality over quantity and does it excellently well, with over 180 individual courses. Some courses feature multiple installments that teach different or more advanced techniques. The amount of content available on MasterClass makes it an attractive learning platform, even if you’re after learning something specific.

About Wondrium (Previously Known As The Great Courses)

Wondrium is a media production company that creates non-fiction educational video and audio content, including courses, documentaries, and series featuring leading experts. Formerly known as The Great Courses, it merged with several online education platforms such as Magellan, Craftsy, and Kino Lorber in 2021 to create a comprehensive e-learning resource.

While operating as The Great Courses, the platform primarily focused on history and science. However, Wondrium now covers a wide range of topics, including literature, philosophy, religion, music, mathematics, professional growth, travel, cultures, and more. The extensive library encompasses over 1,200 titles with more than 26,000 lectures in subject categories such as the arts, science, literature, self-improvement, history, music, philosophy, theology, economics, mathematics, business, professional advancement, photography, cooking, personal development, and more.

Wondrium’s content is delivered through short-form videos, long-form courses, tutorials, how-to lessons, travelogues, documentaries, and more, making it a haven for lifelong learners.

MasterClass vs Wondrium: Courses and Instructors

MasterClass and Wondrium are similar in that they both offer edutainment content. Their classes are designed to both educate and entertain you. However, they take different approaches when it comes to course delivery and the types of courses they offer.

MasterClass courses revolve around creative skills, including cooking, writing, music, sports, and more. The platform uses the best of the best in those fields for course delivery, which is why MasterClass courses are typically taught by prominent figures and celebrities, such as Gordon Ramsay, Neil Gaiman, Hans Zimmer, Serena Williams, and more. The goal is to not only give you expert instruction but also ensure you benefit from the specific insights and mindsets that resulted in the success of those instructors.

Wondrium takes a different approach in its course offerings and instructor selection. While MasterClass focuses on individual mastery within creative fields, Wondrium’s courses often delve into academic topics and intellectual exploration covering diverse subjects such as science, history, philosophy, and lifestyle.

Unlike MasterClass, Wondrium’s instructors may not always be widely recognized celebrities, but they are experts in their respective fields, often professors from accredited universities, bringing a more scholarly approach to education. This also means that the quality of instruction on Wondrium is high.

Course Categories

MasterClass Categories

MasterClass offers over 180 classes across the following 11 categories:

  • Arts and entertainment;
  • Business:
  • Community and government;
  • Design and style;
  • Home and lifestyle;
  • Food;
  • Music;
  • Science and tech;
  • Sports and gaming;
  • Wellness
  • Writing. 

MasterClass provides a unique blend of traditional education and entertainment, often referred to as “edutainment.” The platform offers high-quality, professionally produced video courses taught by industry experts and celebrities. The content is designed to be engaging and accessible, making it suitable for a wide audience. Each class aims to provide not only new skills and knowledge but also insights into the instructor’s personal experiences and expertise.

MasterClass boasts a wide variety of course categories, covering everything from cooking and singing to drawing to technology and lifestyle, allowing it to cater to learners with diverse interests.

While MasterClass covers an extensive array of topics, there is a notable emphasis on certain categories, such as writing, music, and cooking. The platform often features several courses in those categories, utilizing the expertise of celebrated individuals in those fields, such as Martin Scorsese teaching filmmaking or Gordon Ramsay teaching cooking.

MasterClass courses are designed to be easy to consume. Courses are between 2 and 5 hours long with each course consisting of around 20 video lessons. The length of each lesson varies as well, with an average duration of 10-15 minutes. This bite-sized approach allows you to consume in manageable chunks whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Most courses include supplementary materials like downloadable workbooks, assignments, and reading lists to ensure maximum retention of the absorbed information.

The real gem lies in the specific insights shared by the master instructors. These are often nuggets of wisdom, drawn from a wealth of personal experience, that can be challenging to find elsewhere. The courses provide a backstage pass to the minds of these masters, allowing students to grasp the mindset, philosophy, and approach that has made them successful.

Wondrium Categories

  • Art
  • Business & Finance
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Mindfulness
  • History
  • Hobby & Personal Pursuits
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Professional Growth
  • Science
  • Travel & Culture

Like MasterClass, Wondrium also provides a diverse range of content that combines elements of traditional education with entertainment. Characterized by documentary-style videos, Wondrium’s courses cover a wide array of subjects, ensuring both educational enrichment and an enjoyable learning experience.

Wondrium has an extensive library of over 8,000 courses across several categories to suit the interests of a broader audience. Whether you’re fascinated by science, history, arts, or practical skills like cooking and photography, Wondrium has a course for you. This broad spectrum ensures that you can explore diverse fields and continuously expand your knowledge across different subjects.

Despite its extensive catalog, you’ll notice that Wondrium places a greater focus and specialization on certain categories, especially history, with courses ranging from Ancient History to Modern History. This makes sense since the bulk of Wondrium’s content is from The Great Courses, which primarily focused on history and philosophy.

Wondrium’s courses are structured in various formats, including documentaries and lectures. As such, the structure of each course can vary depending on the format it takes. That said, most courses typically consist of multiple lessons, each lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. In addition to video content, some Wondrium courses may include supplementary materials such as workbooks, assignments, and quizzes to reinforce learning.

Wondrium is known for the depth of its courses, providing users with a thorough exploration of the chosen subject matter.

Top Rated Classes

MasterClass Top Classes

  1. Steph Curry – Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring: Learn shooting mechanics, ball-handling skills, and scoring techniques from two-time MVP Stephen Curry.
  2. Christina Aguilera – Elevate Your Singing And Stage Presence: In this class, five-time Grammy Award winner and singing powerhouse, Christina Aguilera, teaches vocal techniques, warm-up exercises, and breath control to make you a well-rounded singer.
  3. Chris Voss – Win Workplace Negotiations: Tired of having to compromise all the time? Learn communication skills and strategies to help you negotiate effectively in various settings from former FBI lead hostage negotiator Chris Voss.
  4. Kelly Warstler Teaches Interior Design: You don’t need to be a Peter Marino to spruce up your living space like a pro. Learn creative and inspiring interior design skills from no other than the award-winning designer, Kelly Wearstler.
  5. John Douglas Teaches How to Think Like an FBI Profiler: People are remarkably predictable if you know what to look for. Learn how to predict motives and behavior to make more informed decisions from groundbreaking FBI special agent John Douglas.
  6. Phil Ivey Teaches Poker Strategy: Just like John Douglas, ten-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, Phil Ivey, also teaches you how to read people to help you manage risk and develop a winning strategy.

Wondrium Top Classes

  1. Macroeconomics Made Clear: This course covers topics such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, money creation, and economic growth. You will learn how these concepts relate to each other and how they impact the world around us. It is taught by Akila Weerapana, PhD, Professor at Wellesley College.
  2. Masterpieces of the Ancient World: Art fans will enjoy this course by Diana K. McDonald, Ph.D., Professor at Boston College, as she explores the art of the ancient world. The course covers 30 masterpieces from various ancient cultures, including cave art from France, the Uruk Vase from Mesopotamia, and the Ishtar Gate from Babylon. You will learn about the historical and social context of each masterpiece and how it contributed to the development of art.
  3. A History of the United States, 2nd Edition: Want to take a deep dive into the history of your country? This course by Gary W. Gallagher, Ph.D., Professor at the University of Virginia, Patrick N. Allitt, Ph.D., Professor at Emory University, and Allen C. Guelzo, Ph.D., Professor at Princeton University, provides a comprehensive overview of the history of the United States. It covers topics such as European settlement, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, industrialization, and world wars. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the events and people that shaped the United States into what it is today.
  4. Mastering the Chi: In a world where peace of mind is becoming increasingly elusive, it wouldn’t hurt to try out this course by David-Dorian Ross, an International Master Tai Chi Instructor. The course covers topics such as relaxation, balance, self-defense, and flow. You will learn how to perform various tai chi moves and how to create your own tai chi routine.
  5. Mastering the Fundamentals of Mathematics: If you’re not mathematically inclined, like me, I recommend exploring this mathematics course by James A. Sellers, Ph.D., a Professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He addresses the basics of mathematics comprehensively, covering topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages. The course is designed to help you master these fundamental skills and understand how to apply them to more advanced areas of study.

Instructors Overview

MasterClass Instructors

MasterClass features a diverse and impressive lineup of instructors who are experts and accomplished professionals in their respective fields. From Usher, Alicia Keys, and Mariah Carey to Martin Scorcese, Hans Zimmer, and Bob Iger, these instructors share insights, techniques, and personal experiences that students may not have access to elsewhere.

While MasterClass typically selects instructors based on their notable achievements, expertise, and the impact they have had in their respective fields, it does not necessarily verify their teaching abilities in a traditional sense. Instructors are chosen for their ability to articulate their knowledge and share their experiences effectively.

You will also find that teaching styles vary among MasterClass instructors, thanks to their individual personalities. Some may focus on hands-on demonstrations, while others may share personal anecdotes and philosophies. Regardless, MasterClass aims to capture the essence of each instructor’s unique teaching style and present it in a way that resonates with learners.

Wondrium Instructors

User Experience and Interface

Both MasterClass and Wondrium have a clean and intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate between courses, lessons, and other features. The layout of the homepage is well-organized, and users can quickly access the content they’re interested in.

Both platforms offer a smooth streaming experience with adjustable video quality to account for internet connectivity issues. We were particularly impressed by Wondrium’s video player which comes with loads of features including closed captioning, and various accessibility profiles, including seizure-safe, vision-impaired, cognitive disability, ADHD-friendly, and screen reading for blind users. Additionally, Wondrium has a program watch list feature for your favorite courses and even lessons.

You’ll be glad to know that both MasterClass and Wondrium allow users to download content for offline viewing. This feature can enhance user experience, especially for those with limited internet access. Moreover, they are both accessible across different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) to accommodate various user preferences.

Main Features of Online Learning Platforms

MasterClass Features

Hollywood-level Production Quality

MasterClass is known for its high production values, resembling professional Hollywood productions. The courses often feel like movies rather than lectures. Couple that with a celebrity instructor, and you’ll be hooked before you know it.

Sessions by MasterClass

MasterClass recently unveiled a feature known as Sessions, which is a hands-on class where you learn by following along with what the instructor is doing. Sessions also allow you to receive feedback from your instructor as well as fellow students.

Celebrity Instructors

MasterClass spares no expense when it comes to the quality of its instructors. To become a MasterClass instructor, you need to not only be an expert in your field but also be widely recognized for it. This assures learners that the quality of the instruction is top-tier.

Wondrium Features

Documentary-style Lectures

Wondrium’s courses often resemble documentaries that are carefully curated to answer all of your burning questions. You can find documentaries on various topics such as food and drink, health and mindfulness, history, science, literature, philosophy, and math. This laid-back style makes it much easier to consume the content passively.

Over 8,000 Courses to Choose From

Wondrium boasts an extensive library of over 8,000 courses, covering diverse topics such as science, history, philosophy, and more. This extensive range of courses provides learners with a broad selection of subjects to explore based on their interests.

Professors as Instructors

Wondrium uses top college professors and leading experts in their fields as instructors to provide the highest quality of learning experiences available to its users.

Wondrium vs MasterClass Pricing

Pricing Plans

Both Wondrium and MasterClass offer multiple pricing plans to cater to different user preferences. Wondrium provides flexibility with monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. The monthly plan is priced at $20, the quarterly plan at $45, and the annual plan at $150. The quarterly and annual plans effectively lower the monthly cost, making Wondrium an economical choice for those willing to commit to a longer subscription period.

On the other hand, MasterClass follows an annual billing cycle for its Individual, Duo, and Family plans. The Individual Plan is priced at $120 per year, the Duo Plan at $180 per year, and the Family Plan at $240 per year.

While MasterClass offers a diverse range of courses from industry experts, its pricing may be considered relatively higher compared to Wondrium’s quarterly and annual options. However, MasterClass may appeal to users seeking premium content and are willing to pay a premium price for it.

Additionally, the structure of MasterClass’s plans distinguishes between individual, duo, and family users, catering to different audience sizes. In contrast, Wondrium focuses on time commitment, offering users the flexibility to choose how frequently they want to pay.

Refund Policy

Free Trial

Pricing Compared With Other E-Learning Platforms

Customer Reviews

Masterclass review on Trustpilot

So, what is the general consensus on MasterClass and Wondrium? Starting with MasterClass feedback, the vast majority of clients are happy with the platform, with one quipping, “As I enter this universe of MasterClass learning, already I’m delighted with the impressive array of presenters at the top of their fields. I’ll take it slow, one presenter at a time, only a few minutes a day, not necessarily doing the homework, but I already find myself thinking back on what I’ve learned as I go about my daily world, and what a gift this is and will be. Also, much gratitude that I was able to gift a friend a free subscription along with my own.”

review about MasterClass service
Review about Wondrium

Alternatives to MasterClass and Wondrium


Mindvalley is a personal growth-focused learning platform. As such, all its courses revolve around personal growth, spirituality, and well-being, making it a great resource for those seeking enlightenment.


Coursera is an online learning platform that offers courses, certificates, and degrees from top universities and companies worldwide. They have a vast range of courses in various fields, including computer science, business, health, and more. You can enroll in individual courses or complete a full degree program. That is what makes the MasterClass or Udemy comparison with Coursera so difficult, as the former can’t offer you accredited certificates.


Like MasterClass, Skillshare is also an online learning community that offers thousands of classes for creative and curious people. They have classes in graphic design, cooking, photography, marketing, and more. MasterClass is similar with Skillshare in more ways than one, as they both cost around $15 per month to use.

BBC Maestro

BBC Maestro is a subscription-based streaming platform that offers pre-recorded lessons and detailed course notes. It provides courses in various disciplines, including writing, filmmaking, cooking, and more. As you can see, its offerings are eerily close to those of MasterClass, which is why people are usually compering MasterClass vs BBC Maestro and get’s stuck choosing between.

Wondrium or MasterClass: Final Verdict

Author: Bill Tremlon

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Bill Tremlon

I’ve spent the last ten years passionately studying various online learning platforms. Udemy, MasterClass, Coursera, and Skillshare are the main ones, but I review lesser-known study tools as well. I test and analyze each course and lesson thoroughly before sharing my research.


MasterClass for creativity, Wondrium for diverse knowledge.

Author: Bill Tremlon

Blogger | Life-long learner

Bill Tremlon