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Bill Tremlon

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MasterClass is a leading e-learning platform with numerous courses curated by leading figures in their respective fields. For quite some time, it didn’t have a competitor – that’s until the launch of BBC Maestro. Ever since October 2020, BBC Maestro has been consistently adding new courses taught by experts. However, it’s still far behind the 180+ individual courses MasterClass currently offers.

While MasterClass has a good lead over BBC Maestro, it’s not enough to say it’s the best e-learning platform for everyone’s learning journey. In this BBC Maestro vs MasterClass comparison, I will break down their differences to help you determine which e-learning platform is better for your learning journey.

BBC Maestro vs MasterClass: Side By Side Comparison

FeaturesMasterClassBBC Maestro
💸Price:10 – 20 $ (billed annually)53.40 $ (1 course) – 72 $ (Annual access)
🎁Free Trial:
📚No. of Lessons:180+ lessons30+ lessons
📖Content Coverage:Arts & Entertainment to Community & GovernmentFood & Drink to Business
⏳Avg. Lesson Duration:15 minutes20 minutes
✒️Instructors:Gordon Ramsay, James Cameroon, Chris Voss, and more. Lee Child, Alan Moore, Mark Ronson, Brian Cox, and more
📈Suits Best For:Any learner regardless of their experienceAnyone interested in learning from the UK’s top creators
💼Complementary materialClass Guides with assignments and detailed tipsCourse Notes with further insights and exercises
🔬Features:Sessions, Original Series, Accessible AppVideo Lessons, Course Reviews, Accessible App
💬Available LanguagesEnglish audio with subtitlesEnglish audio with subtitles
🛒Payment options:Annual membership onlyAnnual membership with option to buy single courses
🔄Refund police:30-day money back guarantee30-day money back guarantee

BBC Maestro vs MasterClass: Main Differences

Available Countries

Background of the Instructors

Number of Courses

About MasterClass

MasterClass is a leading e-learning platform that separates itself from others with courses from world-renowned experts. However, one of the most unique aspects of MasterClass is it caters to learners of all levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced learner, you’ll leave each course with something valuable to take.

MasterClass offers quality over quantity and does it excellently well, with over 180 individual courses. Some courses feature multiple installments that teach different or more advanced techniques. The amount of content available on MasterClass makes it an attractive learning platform, even if you’re after learning something specific.

About BBC Maestro

BBC Maestro is a similar e-learning platform. It first launched in October 2020 with four courses, and the platform continues to add more to this day. You can purchase an individual course or sign up for an unlimited subscription to have access to everything the platform offers.

All the courses on BBC Maestro are prerecorded and come with detailed notes for every lesson. There’s also a helpful review section for each course that can give you an idea before giving one a start. These help learners find the right course for their learning goals, which adds to the benefits of the platform.

MasterClass vs BBC Maestro: Courses and Instructors

MasterClass and BBC Maestro have a wide range of categories that dive deep into different aspects. For example, BBC Maestro’s writing category includes courses for fiction writing, love stories, storytelling, and more. MasterClass also has the same variety of courses teaching screenwriting to writing for young audiences. However, MasterClass features more courses than BBC Maestro, which adds to the overall variety offered on the platform.

As for the lessons, both platforms feature well-organized, structured lessons with top-notch production quality. It almost seems like you’re watching a big-budget movie brought to you by the MasterClass instructor Martin Scorsese. The platforms feature high-quality video lessons that add to the entertainment of each course, making it engaging and fun to watch.

One thing that caught my eye with BBC Maestro is it primarily features British instructors. Although the platform doesn’t specifically target learners from the UK, this is something to note. Besides this, the expertise of instructors on both platforms is undeniable. Even if you only know one or two things about what you’re learning, who’s teaching the course is likely to be a familiar face with many credentials.

Course Categories

MasterClass Categories

As I mentioned, you’ll always find something to learn from a MasterClass course, whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced learner. The expertise of every instructor brings something new to the table. Even if you’re experienced, you’ll get valuable insights from world-class experts who can help you take your skills to the next level. The detailed lessons combined with the well-organized structure enrich the content of MasterClass.

MasterClass has 11 categories that teach from business to arts and entertainment. Every category teaches something specific, helping learners find exactly what they want to learn. You can also go between categories to further improve your skills, as some categories are closely related to each other, such as Design & Style and Arts & Entertainment.

Although 11 categories may not sound like plenty, I’ve never found myself not being able to find what I wanted to learn during my time in MasterClass. There’s a great variety in the courses in each category. For example, you’ll find lessons that teach home cooking and baking bread in the food category – two completely different skills relating to food. This range applies to all categories, allowing greater specialization.

Perhaps what complements these is the structure and the depth of each course. Every course is easy to follow, with ten to fifteen-minute lessons that touch on different aspects of the skills you’re learning. You can find the best examples of this on my Negotiator Chris Voss MasterClass review – such a well-organized and structured course that simplifies the art of negotiation.

BBC Maestro Categories

The content of the courses in BBC Maestro is rich and covers pretty much everything you need to learn about a given field. Many courses run longer than five hours to ensure you’re equipped with everything you need. The length of the courses can be a bit scary at first, but most lessons are shorter than 15 minutes, which makes everything more digestible.

BBC Maestro has six categories, which is fewer than MasterClass – understandable considering the number of courses available. This can make it hard to find what you want to study. It’s rich enough for beginners, but advanced learners may have trouble finding a suitable course.

Still, the variety of the categories is at a sufficient point for most learners. There’s also a coming soon section that includes courses that will be released shortly. The depth of the courses depends on the category. Some feature up to ten courses, while others have only a handful. For example, you’ll find ten writing courses compared to the three in the music category.

Nonetheless, the quality of the available courses is impressive. Everything from writing to business courses, you get expert insights from world-class instructors. Every course also has a downloadable PDF course note you can follow along with the lessons. These notes feature detailed information about the subjects covered in the lessons and additional tips to reinforce what you’ve learned.

Top Rated Lessons

MasterClass Top Lessons

  1. Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking – The seven Michelin star Chef Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking in two installments that include his signature dish, Beef Wellington, and many others.
  2. Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking – One of the most influential directors of the New Hollywood era, Martin Scorsese instructs aspiring filmmakers on casting actors to marketing their films.
  3. Christina Aguilera – Elevate Your Singing And Stage Presence – The talented singer, referred to as the voice of a generation, prepares you for performing in front of a live audience in this interactive course.
  4. Chris Voss – Win Workplace Negotiations – The former FBI hostage negotiator prepares you for the next step of your career with mock interviews and negotiations.
  5. Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design – The interior designer of high-profile celebrities and commercial estates, Kelly Wearstler’s interior design classes help you find inspiration to design any space.
  6. John Douglas Teaches How to Think Like an FBI Profiler – Special agent John Douglas helps his students utilize criminal profiling methods to understand people’s motives in everyday life. 
  7. Phil Ivey Teaches Poker Strategy – Often thought of as the best all-around poker player, Phil Ivey walks you through betting tactics and bluffing to practice routines that will lead you to success.

BBC Maestro Top Lessons

  1. Lee Child Writing Popular Fiction – The author of the Jack Reacher novel series shares his writing insights in an eight-hour-long comprehensive course.
  2. Pierre Koffmann Classic French Bistro Cooking – The three Michelin star cook with over 55 years of experience in the kitchen, Pierre Koffman, breaks down making stocks and soups to preparing breakfast delicacies.
  3. Mark Ronson Music Production – The record producer behind countless popular tunes teaches everything about making a hit song with lessons on songwriting, sampling, and producing.
  4. Edgar Wright Filmmaking – Edgar Wright touches on writing and choosing a genre to cinematography and sound design – a complete course on filmmaking.
  5. Peter Jones Toolkit For Business Success – Shark Tank entrepreneur Peter Jones equips you with everything for a successful in 40 lessons.

Instructors Overview

MasterClass Instructors

MasterClasses has courses from one of the most notable instructors in their industry. Every instructor, regardless of what you’re learning, is someone highly accredited with plenty of achievements under their belts. These instructors range from Gordon Ramsay for cooking and Bobbi Brown for makeup classes to Aaron Sorkin’s scriptwriting and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s scientific thinking lessons.

It isn’t only the authoritativeness of the instructors that makes MasterClass stand out. There’s a good entertainment aspect of the lessons that comes with the engagement of the instructors. Whenever I was taking a MasterClass lesson, it always felt as if I was binge-watching a favorite TV show.

BBC Maestro Instructors

User Experience and Interface

Both BBC Maestro and MasterClass have a user-friendly interface, but I found the latter platform more accessible. The search bar works seamlessly and brings not only the courses but also the individual lessons, which can save a lot of time when you want to take a quick look. BBC Maestro lacks such a simple feature, and you must navigate courses using the browse. Another feature that BBC Maestro misses is offline viewing. You can’t download courses to watch later on your device.

The production quality of the lessons on both platforms is excellent. These add to the engagement and make it easier to digest long lessons. Before starting a course, you can watch the trailer or the introduction lesson if you’re already subscribed to the platform. BBC Maestro also shares a short trailer for the upcoming courses, which can be helpful when contemplating whether or not to extend your subscription.

BBC Maestro and MasterClass courses are accessible through desktops, smartphones, and tablets. MasterClass is also available on smart TVs. On the platforms where the course videos are available, you can easily track lessons and continue learning from where you left off the previous day. Overall, both platforms are user-friendly, but MasterClass makes learning seamless with better accessibility, offline viewing, and easier navigation.

Main Features of BBC Maestro and MasterClass

MasterClass Features


MasterClass Sessions provides an immersive learning experience with a structured approach. For example, the MasterClass lessons with Aguilera follow this format, where she breaks down different subjects into multiple sections and activities. It offers a more digestible learning experience that’s excellent for those who don’t have time to sit down and watch full-length course videos.

Class Guides

For every course on MasterClass, there’s a class guide in PDF format that’s downloadable. You can save the class guide for the course and follow it along with the video lessons. These documents feature detailed tips and assignments and expand on the topics discussed in the lessons. It can also double as a summary of everything, which can help you refresh your memory after finishing the course.

Original Series

Original Series is a feature of MasterClass that adds to the platform’s entertainment. You still learn plenty, but in a way that you’re catching up on your favorite television series. Every week, a new episode is released that dives deeper into the instructor’s background and story, which opens up a fresh learning experience.

BBC Maestro Features

Video Lessons

BBC Maestro’s course videos are all prerecorded and filmed in 4K with exceptional production quality. From the moment you start watching a video lesson, you get to see the involvement of BBC Studios. This is something that I also discussed in my BBC Maestro review. It adds to the engagement and makes learning entertaining.

Course Notes

BBC Maestro courses come with downloadable notes that share further insights from the instructor. These course notes include exercises for learners to practice what’s taught in the lessons, which is extremely helpful when you don’t know what to do after finishing a course. Similar to MasterClass class guides, BBC Maestro’s course notes complement the video lessons.

Course Reviews

Every BBC Maestro course has a Review section where others share their experience. Although these reviews are handpicked by the platform, they can give you an understanding of what to expect. After finishing a course, you can also leave a review to help fellow learners.

BBC Maestro vs MasterClass Pricing

Pricing Plans

MasterClass is a subscription-based e-learning platform. You can choose from three annual memberships with varying features. These are Individual for $120, Duo for $180, and Family for $240. The features for these subscriptions are pretty much the same, except for offline viewing, which isn’t available for the Individual membership.

BBC Maestro
, on the other hand, has two payment options. You can purchase an individual course for £47.40 or subscribe to the annual unlimited membership for £120. At the time of writing this article, the annual membership is on sale at £72. Unlike MasterClass, there is only one annual membership, which grants users full access to the platform

Refund Policy

Free Trial

Pricing Compared With Other E-Learning Platforms

Customer Reviews

MasterClass vs BBC Maestro customer review

A Twitter user liking Alan Moore’s course on BBC Maestro and comparing it with James Patterson’s MasterClass.

Twitter review of BBC Maestro masterclass

BBC Maestro Alternatives


Udemy is one of the most popular online learning providers, with a massive choice of various classes. The learning platform covers a range of basketball courses for beginner and advanced learners.


Coursera is another big name in the online courses market, with a lot to offer in sports-related fields. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge of the field without spending much money on online learning.


Skillshare focuses on practical courses, with educational videos substituting expensive college courses. The aim is to provide users with marketable skills for finding a job. There are some courses related to basketball as well.

BBC Maestro or MasterClass: Final Verdict

Author: Bill Tremlon

Blogger | Life-long learner

Bill Tremlon

I’ve spent the last ten years passionately studying various online learning platforms. Udemy, MasterClass, Coursera, and Skillshare are the main ones, but I review lesser-known study tools as well. I test and analyze each course and lesson thoroughly before sharing my research.


MasterClass excels with more features and accessibility.

Author: Bill Tremlon

Blogger | Life-long learner

Bill Tremlon